GLA Utilizes DashTech to Transform Construction Partnering

Oct 6, 2020

DashTech recently announced that construction consulting firm GLA is utilizing DashTech to optimize their construction partnering process. DashTech’s construction partnering measurement solutions will allow GLA to track important project metrics, ensuring that large construction projects are running smoothly, and the number of claims and litigation are reduced.

“GLA continually strives to utilize the best technology to ensure that all construction projects stay on budget, on time, and with little to no claims,” said Sam Hassoun, GLA’s Chief Executive Officer. “DashTech is the solution we have been looking for that will transform the partnering industry.”

DashTech is an innovative construction partnering solution that allows users to track key metrics for large construction projects and monitor any potential issues as they arise. DashTech’s insightful dashboards streamline the construction project process, allowing you to monitor multiple projects all at once and identify potential risks before they grow and become major issues.

Use DashTech to increase the efficiency of your project evaluation and conflict resolution process.

Streamlining Construction Projects to be on Time & Under Budget

DashTech’s innovative technology will allow firms like GLA to successfully work on construction partnering projects of all sizes – small, medium, and large. This will streamline constructions projects, helping them finish on time and under budget – all without arbitration or litigation.

GLA (Global Leadership Alliance) is a leading consulting firm specializing in the development and implementation of collaborative dispute mitigation (CDM) systems for agencies, organizations, and construction projects. GLA’s team of experienced facilitators create customized programs in construction project facilitation, partnering, facilitated dispute resolution (FDR), mediation, strategic planning, executive coaching, and leadership development.

GLA CEO Sam Hassoun, a noted industry leader with more than four decades of large construction partnering experience, is one of many industry leaders to embrace DashTech.

“DashTech is the only company that was able to fully understand the needs of our construction projects, and provide a dashboard measuring the key priorities of these projects,” Hassoun said. “I cannot imagine GLA or their clients working on any project without the partnership and tools DashTech provides.”

DashTech Serves Integral Part in Interstate 5 Project

Even though DashTech is a new product on the market, GLA has already been able to successfully utilize it for a project. They were recently able to use Dashtech for the Interstate 5 construction project. As a result, they were able to track all the important metrics to ensure that the project is successful with no delays due to litigation.

DashTech is poised to play an essential role in helping large scale construction projects meet the SB1 state mandated requirements to track construction efficiency measures. “DashTech will help agencies, contractors, and project managers meet the SB 1 requirements, and ultimately help the state meet its goal of generating at least $100 million annually in savings,” said CEO Bobby Reed.

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